Reasons to Keep Your Domain and Hosting Separate

In my previous articles I’ve already discussed about best domain name providers & web hosting providers. The first thing comes as plus point is that, many web hosting companies offering free domain name registration along with hosting plan. While setting up new website, people do the same mistake by registering their domain from same web host. There are many reasons why you should keep your domain and hosting separate.

In fact, I did the same thing. I bought domain from GoDaddy as well as used their Managed WordPress Hosting at the same time. But later I switched to HostGator, while domain is still registered with GoDaddy. So, if I ever wish to change my host, I can do it quickly.

Ask yourself this question:

“Can a domain name registrar be a good web host? and vice versa?”

Short Answer: “In some cases YES & in some cases NO!” It depends on the hosting or registrar company. Not all the domain and hosting companies are same.

However, here I’ll be sharing some advantages of having domain & hosting at the same place and advantages of keeping domain & hosting separate.

Keeping Same Domain and Hosting Provider:

If you buy domain from your hosting provider. You get the following benefits (Not always!):

Technical Support: If anything goes wrong with your blog or website. I’d be easy for them to figure out the problem. (In case, if your web host is providing excellent support.)

No or Less Configuration required: You don’t have to be worried about moving or pointing your DNS settings. As your domain and hosting is in same place.

Renewal Cost: Yes! you don’t have to pay extra for your domain registration when you renew your hosting plan. It saves extra bucks.

No Multiple Accounts: Without messing with different accounts and passwords. You keep everything at one place, which seems quite handy for beginners.

Keeping Domain and Hosting Separate:

If you choose to keep different domain name and hosting providers. All you’ve to do is to point out your domain’s DNS settings to your web host. It’s not that difficult, anyone can do it. Here’re the advantages of keeping domain and hosting separate:

**In Case If you switch your host: **

There’re many reasons people prefer to change their host. If your host is frequently giving downtime, support is poor, renewal cost is high and so on. So, in such cases it’ll be easy for you to change your host without affecting your domain. Just move your files to new host and point your DNS settings.

If your website/account gets hacked:

Assuming, you’ve registered domain with your web host. What, If your hosting account or website gets hacked or something bad happens to your website or host ? For example, someone has stolen your files and even domain, injected malware or hosting company has locked your account. That time you’ll lose access to your domain dashboard too.

If you keep your domain and hosting separate, then you can probably solve these issues without affecting your domain. Still, you’ll be able to access your domain dashboard.

File Management and Security:

Some good domain registrars like GoDaddy, Namecheap provide privacy, sub-accounts, advanced DNS settings etc. While some good web hosting companies like Dreamhost, Bluehost, HostGator provide better file management, site-lock, backups. So, it makes a good balance between your domain and hosting accounts. As you store your files separately.

Take control over multiple domains:

Suppose you’ve multiple domains and you’re using different web hosts for them. So, It’d be easier for you to keep all your domains at one place. As you can take control over multiple domains from the same account.

So, these are the important factors which suggest you to keep your domain and hosting accounts separate.

Final Words…

It’s your choice to keep them separate or not. Just be sure to keep your website always backed up. In case, anything goes wrong you’ll not at least lose your files. When it comes to cost of domain registration, it is not much of concern. As many domain registrars are providing domains at very cheap price. It’d be more sufficient to pay a few extra bucks for domain than a headache of losing all your files.

What Should I do Now?

I’m sure you’ve found the answer why you should not register your domain name with your hosting provider.  Let me know in comments.

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