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I launched Techoize on September 29, 2014. The main aim of Techoize is to share and spread all technology stuff i.e. tips & tricks and other technology tutorials, but actually I share everything that I’ve learned so far from my blogging experience.

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Want to know about me?

I’m Shubham Pathak (born November 27, 1994), a Mechanical Engineer by education.

Strange? Yeah, but it’s true.

My native place is Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh in India. I belong to a very musical family background. So, I’ve quite good knowledge of music.

At Techoize, I share all my knowledge just to help others. I always get inspired by people around me and the person who is reading this page currently.

My year-by-year activity:

2012: Developed a tool named Cricket 07 Error Finder.

2014: Started Blogging with Blogspot and moved to WordPress in the same year.

2015: Launched WordPress based eCommerce website for one of my college professors. And some niche websites too.

2016: Started learning bug hunting, pen-testing of web applications.

2017-Present: Received “Hall of Fame” from many companies for finding security vulnerabilities in their websites.

Hey, wait! I’m not a robot.

Apart from all these things, I love watching movies, listening music, playing instruments etc.

Thanks for taking your time to read this page. Feel free to Contact Techoize at any time if needed.

Not done yet!

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