Website Archive: Visit Older Version of Any Website

As we all know, Google makes a cached copy of every website, and you can visit cached version any website if Google has saved it. But, if it has already crawled newer version of your website, then there is no chance to visit older version of that website from Google Cache.

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However, there is a simple trick which’d help you to visit even 1996 version of almost any website, if available. And, it can be done using an interesting web based tool named as Way Back Machine, provided by, a non-profit organization.

Way Back Machine has archived almost 452 billion of websites since 1996. You can read even more about it from here.

Using Way Back Machine (also known as Website Archive):

#Step1. Visit

#Step2. Now, type the URL of any website, for eg. I’m archiving older copy of Google itself ( by Techoize

#Step3. Click on Browse History and check the results.

Older version of website archive way back machine

It’ll show you the results as snapshots of those web pages. You can find them in calendar view and in year wise graphs.

For e.g. snapshot of BETA version of Google (25 Jan 1999) using Way Back Machine.



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