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Techoize was founded by me (Shubham Pathak) on September 29, 2014. The main aim of Techoize is to share and spread all technology stuff i.e. tips & tricks and other technology tutorials, but actually I share everything that I’ve learned so far from my blogging experience.

Before Techoize, I started my blogging career with a blogspot blog which was named as Shubham’s Stock™ & it was also related to technology and game mods. But later I decided to split my technology stuff and game mods into two separate locations. So, on September 29, I launched my best self hosted website which is currently known as Techoize.com.

What I provide here –

Here at Techoize, I help people to solve their computer/internet problems by some short & easy tutorials. But, apart from these I still provide game mods especially for cricket games on my previous blog Shubham’s Stock; as you’ve read above. Here, at Techoize.Com you’ll find the following:

Techoize Official Logo

Official Logo

  • Solutions to computer/internet related problems.
  • PC gaming tutorials & solutions for errors.
  • Internet optimization tips & internet tweaks.
  • Top lists/Blogging/SEO Tips.
  • Online earning tips.
  • & So on…

About Me (Owner/Founder) –

Hello! My name is Shubham Pathak (born November 27, 1994). My native place is Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh in India.

At Techoize, I share all my knowledge just to help others. I always get inspired by people around me and the person who is reading this page currently.

Shubham Pathak

Since childhood, I’ve been searching for new innovative things, ideas, concepts as I’m a hardcore science & technology lover. Whenever I get different ideas I just try my hands to implement them. I can’t determine my exact interest field, but as I mentioned above I’ve special interest in technology.

Before blogging career,

I tried my hands on Cricket 07 modding at PlanetCricket.net, where I got a huge response for my creations from forum members. I learned Photoshop (still a beginner!) & editing skills as a Cricket 07 modder.

The proud moment came when I developed a tool for Cricket 07 which is currently known as Cricket 07 Error Finder. People appreciated my hard work. Then, in 2014, I finally decided to start my blogging career as an owner of Shubham’s Stock™ (My first Blogspot blog). That was my first blog; but I shouldn’t say ‘Was’. Yes! Of course Shubham’s Stock is still alive.

Talking more about myself,

I belong to a very musical family background. So, I’ve quite good knowledge about music. Currently, I’m studying Mechanical Engineering, Strange? Yeah, But it is true. Apart from these, I love watching movies, listening music, playing instruments, reading books & paranormal science. I think, Its enough for you people to know about the man behind Techoize.

Thanks for taking your time to read this page. Feel free to Contact Techoize at any time if you need.

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