How To Fix Windows 10 Start Menu, Apps, Cortana Not Working


Windows 10 is still rolling out. Over 27 million users have already upgraded their computers to Windows 10.

However, lots of users are facing a weird problem in Windows 10. Users reported that their Start menu, Cortana and other apps suddenly stopped working, after a major windows update. While, some of the users are also receiving a pop-up saying “Crucial error: Start Menu and Cortana aren’t working”.

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How To Make Dual Audio Movie and Add Subtitle(s)

If you’ve a movie and you want to add/merge/remove audio files or subtitles from that particular movie, then you’re at right place. Basically, adding or removing audio track from a video file is quite simple task. It can be done via a tool called MKVToolNix. So, this tool can be used for making dual or multiple audio movies. Also, you can add subtitle files to that movie additionally. 

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5 Best Image Compression Tools

It is obvious, that everyone wants to reduce image size to make their website faster. Website speed depends very much on your image size. Images with large file size can increase the response and loading time of your website. So, it becomes essential to keep your website faster to hold your traffic. Image compression is one of the effective way to keep your website faster. [Read More]

Compress & Convert Videos Without Losing Quality

Most of the time when we download or capture videos directly from internet or our device, it gets large file size as compared to its quality. So it becomes difficult to upload videos to YouTube or other video sharing sites due to large file size. Also, such videos gain unnecessary space in our storage devices.

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How to Clean, Secure & Optimize Your PC (Complete Tutorial)

Is your computer running quite slow? or having any performance issue? Don’t you want to optimize your PC? Well, Performance of a computer depends upon various factors such as memory utilization, stored data, installed and running programs, file systems, hard-drive speed, computer temperature, CPU usage etc. Performance of a computer can be affected by: Various Viruses, Adware or Malware. Fragments. Overheating and High CPU usage. High Disk & RAM usage. [Read More]