What is Google AdSense? How To Sign Up & Make Money?


So, you want to make money from your blog or website?

If yes, then Google AdSense seems the best way to generate money from your own website or blog. I wonder, who else on the Earth just ignore the power of Blogging. In fact, even if you’re a beginner, you might have heard about AdSense before. But, every beginner asks the same question:

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Website Archive: Visit Older Version of Any Website

As we all know, Google makes a cached copy of every website, and you can visit cached version any website if Google has saved it. But, if it has already crawled newer version of your website, then there is no chance to visit older version of that website from Google Cache.

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How To Open Cached Version of Any Webpage

You have been visiting many websites everyday. From social networks to news or entertainment websites. From Forums to blogs. All these websites have one thing in common (Yes, please exclude big giants like Google, Facebook and others) that is Downtime. It happens due to server or some sort of maintenance. At that time if you still want to open and view that website, you can do it. You can open cached version of any webpage that you’re trying to view for a long time.

Well, here’s a little scenario if you’re still confused.

Google’s Cached Version of a Webpage might help you if:

  1. You’re having trouble getting a website to load.
  2. Website is having server problems due to overload.
  3. Pages are no longer available.

You’re at right place, If you are having any of the conditions that I’ve mentioned above.

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