How to Clean, Secure & Optimize Your PC (Complete Tutorial)

Is your computer running quite slow? or having any performance issue? Don’t you want to optimize your PC? Well, Performance of a computer depends upon various factors such as memory utilization, stored data, installed and running programs, file systems, hard-drive speed, computer temperature, CPU usage etc. Performance of a computer can be affected by: Various Viruses, Adware¬†or Malware. Fragments. Overheating and High CPU usage. [Read More]

Fix Your Hard-Drive Using CHKDSK (Command Prompt).

About Check-Disk Command :- Check-Disk Command (chkdsk) is used to get the status of specified hard-drive and to repair many types of errors from drive. It also scans the drive for bad sectors and automatically fixes them. If your drive is not working correctly or giving some errors; you must use this command to fix all the errors. Steps :- 1. Click on the Start button. [Read More]