How To Fix Windows 10 Start Menu, Apps, Cortana Not Working


Windows 10 is still rolling out. Over 27 million users have already upgraded their computers to Windows 10.

However, lots of users are facing a weird problem in Windows 10. Users reported that their Start menu, Cortana and other apps suddenly stopped working, after a major windows update. While, some of the users are also receiving a pop-up saying “Crucial error: Start Menu and Cortana aren’t working”.

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How to Clean, Secure & Optimize Your PC (Complete Tutorial)

Is your computer running quite slow? or having any performance issue? Don’t you want to optimize your PC? Well, Performance of a computer depends upon various factors such as memory utilization, stored data, installed and running programs, file systems, hard-drive speed, computer temperature, CPU usage etc. Performance of a computer can be affected by: Various Viruses, Adware or Malware. Fragments. Overheating and High CPU usage. [Read More]